• A program of continuous improvement, adopting a process approach in all areas of the business with measurable targets for key performance criteria.
  • Allocating and developing the required resources to support our objectives in terms of people, equipment, and time.
  • Meeting and where appropriate exceeding all relevant legislation, standards, regulatory codes of practice and any other requirements to which the company subscribes.
  • Minimizing any negative environmental effects caused by our operations and activities, use energy and non-renewable resources efficiently, through our aspect control, recycling, and pollution prevention measures.
  • Our company seeks to work with like-minded clients and suppliers to provide a sustainable business model for mutual benefit.
  • Regular review of the marketplace and all company stakeholders to identify likeminded clients and suppliers and meet their needs and expectations to ensure a mutually beneficial and sustainable business model.
  • The Managing Director of Al Danah Pipes & Fittings Co. LLC is committed to this not only as our duty to future generations but also as the most viable approach to help secure profitable growth, and job security for our employees.

Achieving ISO 9001 is the demonstration of our commitment.