Third Party Inspection services refers to independent inspection services that are provided by various inspection agencies.

In purchasing and procurement projects the sellers and vendors are first parties. The second parties are purchasers or buyers. First party inspection refers to quality control activities that are done by equipment vendors or sellers. Second party inspection refers to inspection activities that are done by equipment buyers or purchasers. In fact, the first party is a seller and the second party are the buyer. So when you state second party inspection, it means that an inspection and quality control activities that are done by a buyer and when you indicate first party inspection.

The third-party inspection is generally carried out for the finished goods inspection, which are done to confirm that the finished products is to the same specification stated in the purchase order. The scope of work for the inspection of finished goods is very similar to the goods inspection.

Here is the summary of the inspection and test that are generally done based on the client requirements:

  • Chemical analysis and mechanical test of materials
  • X-ray inspection on cast parts
  • Surface defect inspection
  • Valve shell hydrostatic test
  • Hydrostatic seat test
  • Air seat test
  • Visual dimensional inspection
  • Performance test (operational test)
  • Painting inspection
  • Packing, Marking and Loading inspection
  • Document Review on quality control records for the above-mentioned inspection and tests
  • Visual inspection
  • Packing, marking, and loading inspection

The buyer confirms to designate an independent third-party inspector to witness some of the above important tests.

Sometimes they agree to carry out the witness by a third party Inspection Company with some percentage, for example 10% or at times 100% of the Purchase order material then the inspector will witness and perform the inspections and visit the Laboratory for the sample tests and will review the quality control documents as per the client requirement.